Paint Problems during Painting

There are many problems that we face during painting process, including:

1- Not covering the paint well, of the reasons for this :

– Dilution of paint over the limit recommended by the manufacturer.

– Using bad spraying tools or rollers and brushes.

– Non usage of primer coat between the old and new paints.

– Existence of dark color under the new paint.


2- Rough touch of the final paint :

– Using rough pastes.

– Not applying abrasive paper well.

– Using bad abrasive tools.

– Existence of dust during painting process or paining in bad climatic circumstances.


3- Non dryness of paint :

– Non-mixing the paint well before usage specially in oily paints.

– Using dilution materials (thinner) not suitable with the kind of paint.

– Existence of high humidity on the surface.

– Temperature decrease during painting process (5 C.◦ and below).


4- Color variation :

– Not mixing the colors well during packs opening.

– Too much dilution of paint or difference of dilution rate from one container to another.

– Usage of various spraying tools as spraying tools should be unified.

– Variation of the number of paint coats from one surface to another.


5- Low shining :

– Usage of paint directly on the mortar or on rough surface as an isolating coat has to be applied to maintain the shininess.

– Applying paint in the presence of very high humidity or unsuitable climatic circumstances.


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