Paint Problems after application

There are plenty of problems that appear after painting process which include :


1- Chalking : Appearance of sediments on the surface of paint that look like chalk.

Reason: Resin material disintegration due to being exposed to strong sun rays.


2- Milking: Milky coat with white shape.

Reason: Applying the paint during the existence of high humidity.


3- Cracking: Paint cracking

Reason: Cracking in the surface itself due to the application of mortar or building lagging.


4- Change of color: Change of the final color into light or pale color.

Reason : Ultraviolet rays effect or usage of non-coloration resistance paint.


5- SAGGING : Increase in paint liquefaction.

Reason: Large increase in applying paint, or nearing sprayer, or increase in dilution of paint.


6- Orange Peel: Paint agglomeration in the form of orange peel after spraying.

Reason: Applying thick painting without dilution or the evaporation of the dissolving material more quickly or using unsuitable roller.


7- Painting interdistance: Interdistance of paint coat from each other forming lines that make the paint coat or the surface beneath it appear.

Reason: Applying paint over dust, dirt, grease or silicon.


8- Pimples: Small or big bubbles on the paint surface.

Reason: Detention of the solvent or applying paint over oil, humid surface or salts.


9- Peeling off: Paint peeling and appearance of pimples on the surface along with the appearance of powder sediments and salts.

Reason: Humidity evaporation from the concrete which picks up on its way out the disintegrable salts from the upper surface and leaves them on the paint surface.


10- Crust Formation: Crust formation inside paint container before usage.

Reason: Storing paint in unsuitable way and not closing the containers tightly.


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