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The Arabian Chemicals Factory has been dedicated for more than 30 years for manufacturing and distributing high quality paints and other related products under the trademark “Rose” in local markets and constantly growing exports. During this period, the Kingdom witnessed great development and growth in the construction field and the Company’s activities kept pace with those developments.

Within a short period of its foundation, the Arabian Factory sought to occupy the distinct place it deserves in the paint, varnish and thinner industry in the Kingdom. This was achieved thanks to Allah and to the generous support of the honest government.

The determination and great efforts made by the Arabian Factory’s staff under the wise leadership of Mr. Mahfudh Salem Babader enabled the Company to meet ISO total quality specifications as well as making all the products of the Company to comply with all Saudi standards.

The productive capacity of the Factory increased by using latest technical technologies and state of the art production machines such that the Factory can supply 50,000 tons of paints and dyes to the building section and industrial uses. All manufacturing, distribution and development activities are carried out under the same roof.

The Factory is located at KM 14, Jeddah – Makkah Al Mokarramah Road with an area of 28000 square meters. The professional management and highly experienced staff can always support and meet the growing demand of the building industries. Our staff have sufficient experience to mix products suitable to the highly hot and humid summer months and cold and windy climatic conditions prevailing in the Middle East region in the winter months.

Modern paints and dyes has made it easy to decorate and protect all types of surfaces, however the same main requirements to achieve the best results are still existing.

It is very necessary to prepare surfaces for painting, select suitable primer, coats and finishes and follow the correct sequence of paining process execution by professional painters and must be taken in consideration carefully.

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